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A Personal Approach to Making His Personal Documentaries


Drama Del Rosario grew up around the media makers that are his parents. While his dad would film everything from birthdays to family vacations, his mom has albums of photographs she took of these same events. He has a unique style when it comes to his approach to presenting his interviewees; he removes the fourth wall by having them look directly at the camera, rather than at an interviewer off to the side. He credits filmmaker Errol Morris – who’s known for a lot of crime and investigative documentaries – for the inspiration.

“I know that a lot of people are worried when the whole interview subject looking at the camera aesthetic because it feels like a news report or an announcement,” he said, “but I feel that with this whole selfie and vlogger generation, more and more people are becoming more comfortable with speaking to a camera, as opposed to a camera being on their side. And I feel that with this whole coronavirus, more people are going to be speaking to a web camera.”